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Drop Ceilings & Acoustical Ceilings

Drop ceilings and acoustical ceilings are versatile and attractive, making them a great choice for any home or business. Diversified Ceilings Inc. in Williamstown, New Jersey, offers complete installation, repair, and maintenance, as well as emergency service.


Make your business look clean and professional. Drop ceilings hide all mechanical and duct work, while allowing easy access to plumbing and ducts. Choose from thousands of types of tiles to fit any aesthetic. We can create custom designs featuring your company logo or sports team, and we offer designer tiles that are made to look like traditional materials, such as:

• Wood
• Metal
• Old Tin

Ceiling Office - Acoustical Ceilings

Highly Functional

Acoustical tiles are highly versatile, and can be designed to meet the needs of your location. A ceiling that is fire retardant and absorbs sound is perfect for residential and commercial location, such as:

• Commercial Kitchens
• Conference Rooms
• Lobbies

Retrofits & New Constructions

We install commercial-quality drop ceilings in any home or business. Our services are perfect for new constructions, or we can retrofit existing spaces. We offer an on-site consultation to determine the best materials for your needs. During this consultation we present you with three options for price, from the most economical option to the option that uses the best products.

Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your existing ceiling safe and looking great. We offer maintenance and repairs, as well as round-the-clock emergency service.


Our ceilings are built to last. We use the best materials available from the world's top manufacturers. We offer a one-year installation warranty for our physical work and manufacturer warranties range from 20 to 30 years.

Convenient Service

Flexible scheduling means your business will not be disrupted. We can work early morning or overnight to install or repair your ceiling on a schedule that suits you. We even offer same-day installation upon request.

Contact us to get a new ceiling installed on a schedule that works for you.